Geesa loves design, loves the combination of a splendid design with a functional application. It is our business to pay 100% attention to the details of the bathroom and the toilet area. We’ve been doing this since 1885. It is our core activity, it is our passion. Market leader in the Netherlands in the professional segment (installation engineers and companies specialising in bathrooms) and with a leading position in the international hospitality sector (hotels and cruise ships). Geesa exports to roughly 65 countries, and is famed for its excellent quality.

We are involved with and act responsibly in the environment in which we operate, but closer to home too, we are an excellent employer.

Geesa products are largely made of heavy chrome-plated brass. Because of this, the product is resistant to corrosion for years. The choice of material and the 12-micron nickel and chromium layer make it possible for us to offer a 12-year guarantee period.

Without losing anything in terms of functionality, design is an important guideline in everything that Geesa does. Design goes beyond functionality; it is our passion to be the leader in the international market in this, and to remain so. Throughout the entire world, we have assured ourselves of very strong partners. And offer a loyal and service-oriented attitude towards our partners and customers. Accessible for every advice request and available for solving every bathroom challenge!