Our working method

A unique approach that works

Coram is a family company with a solid financial foundation, which concentrates on the long term.

By combining a sincere, personal approach and a passion for design with expertise and entrepreneurship, we have developed into an organisation which adds value to the well-being of our end-users, our individual brands and companies, and our partners and suppliers.

Reliable & innovative

Coram is a trustworthy, accessible family company with an eye to personal contact and lasting relationships.

Without losing the focus on our vision of the future, we constantly respond to changes in the market. E-commerce, changing customer journeys and the growing care market are creating new opportunities and demands for different marketing approaches, new product concepts and the reorganisation of our distribution. Coram is dealing with this in a fast, flexible and efficient manner, so that we can expand our market position in Europe still further.

Inspiring brands

We guarantee Western European top-quality

We want to inspire our business partners and their customers to make it possible for everyone, regardless of budget, to create a personal, beautiful and functional bathroom with our brands, products and services. Within all product groups in which our brands and companies specialize, we guarantee Western European top-quality. Our specialist knowledge of bathroom products and the international market in which we operate ensure the price / quality balance optimal.

Wide product range & knowledge

We are organized in such a way that every salesperson in every region can offer the products from our different brands, in short “one face to the customer”.

Coram offers a wide product range, with the emphasis on accessories and showers. A range that is available in department stores, DIY markets, web shops, specialist retailers, installers or through distributors, architects and project developers, with Western Europe as the main market. We are organized in such a way that every salesperson in every region can offer the products from our different brands, in short “one face to the customer”. With this and our broad knowledge of bathroom products and the market, we asprie to be the most relevant partner for our business partners and their clients.



European design, inhouse development

Our own team of designers and product developers implement innovations and improvements in our products continually.

Within our Design Lab, our team of in-house designers and product engineers is constantly developing new products and improving the existing ones. The emphasis is on design, functionality, quality and ease of installation. Innovative products with a recognizable design for different interior styles. In addition, we look for “consumer insights” and interior trends are closely monitored, because they appear more and more quickly in the bathroom. As one of the few designing & developing players in the market, we can quickly and flexible anticipate the environments of our business partners and the end user.

Corporate responsibility

We believe in the power of our employees and brands and create attractive environments for them in which they can grow and excel.

We also support our partners and suppliers and we take care of the well-being of the end user. We test our initiativesagainst sustainability benchmarks. All our companies comply with the laws and regulations and environmental requirements set by local authorities.