We are Coram

Coram focuses on two main activities in Europe: Coram sanitary and DPI.

Coram Sanitary
“At Coram, our aim is to make you feel good about your daily routines in the most personal space in your home. We design, create and sell bathroom accessories and shower areas, with the highest standards in aesthetics, functionality and ease of use. “

Coram is mainly active in the bathroom and showering domain. Coram has offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Poland and Norway and exports to more than 50 countries worldwide. Coram strives for a market position in the top ten largest bathroom players in Europe on the basis of strong brands, innovative design and collaborative cooperation with business partners. Our brands Tiger, Sealskin, Geesa, Esbada, Impey and Coram Showers are sold through various sales channels.

The value proposition "it’s more than plastics" summarizes DPI's corporate philosophy. By supporting and helping customers throughout the entire commercial process, DPI, as an injection molding company, offers added value in its plastics activities. DPI has all the knowledge and expertise, from engineering, mold construction and production through assembly and logistics.

DPI is a full-service organization that supplies customer-specific plastic injection molding products and customer-specific assembled products. This "full service" concept includes prototyping, engineering (injection molding and assembly), automation, mechanization, purchasing, supply chain management, production, assembly, printing, painting, packaging, storage and physical distribution.

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