We are Coram

In Europe, Coram International concentrates on two main activities: Coram sanitary fittings and DPI.

Coram Sanitary
“In everything we do, we believe in providing for people’s most common and daily needs, with an eye to everyone’s personal lifestyle, circumstances and comfort. We design, develop and offer shower cabins, bath solutions, accessories and furniture for both bathroom and toilet”.

Coram is a cohesive group of companies, and wants to play an important role in the West European market for sanitary fittings. A group of companies which brings atmosphere, functionality and comfort to bathrooms and toilet. Coram is striving for a market position in the top ten of Western Europe’s biggest players, on a basis of established brands, innovative design, a strong network organisation, intensive collaboration with business partners, clearly-defined sales channels and strong market positions in Western Europe.

DPI (plastic injection-moulding activities)
“The motto ‘it’s more than plastics’ neatly summarises our corporate philosophy. By offering customers support and assistance throughout the entire process, DPI, as an injection-moulding business, provides added value to its plastics activities. DPI has all the project expertise in-house: from engineering, mould construction and production to assembly and logistics.

DPI is a full-service organisation which supplies customer-specific injection-moulded plastic products and customer-specific assembled products. This “full-service” concept comprises prototyping, engineering (injection moulding and assembly), automation, mechanisation, procurement, supply chain management, production, assembly, printing, painting, packaging, storage and physical distribution.

Our focus

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Our organisation

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