Coram Showers

Coram Showers are the undisputed experts in the United Kingdom in the sphere of shower enclosures, shower trays, bath screens and accessories. Coram Showers deploys its engineering and design talent in order to develop stylish products which give the bathroom class and, time after time, provide a comfortable shower experience.

The innovative, high-quality products of Coram Showers are specially designed for the English market. Consequently, they harmonise perfectly with the British bathroom interior, they are easy to install and a watertight shower experience is guaranteed.

Through the meticulously thought-out and executed design and process, Coram Showers produces shower enclosures with smart characteristics which fit more easily and seal better than comparable products on the market. This makes Coram Showers the market leader in the area of shower cubicles and doors, and many professional installation engineers and specifiers for this quality and sturdiness.

From their smoothly sliding doors to toughened safety glass with a special anti-deposit coating, Coram Showers enclosures are designed to allow the user to enjoy his/her shower in a relaxed manner.