Sealskin Gallery 3000: Showering in your style!

Zaltbommel, September 2020 – Classic and modern. Robust and yet subtle. Tried and tested quality and the latest gadgets. The new gallery 3000 shower enclosure series by Sealskin offers many possibilities for designing a personal shower. Regardless of whether you have a large or a more limited space. The new series offers a choice of different variations in glass, different handles – and each handle again in three colours – and different options for installing the walls. A new feature is the concealed wall profile, in which only a fully transparent glass wall is visible. Another eye-catching feature is the UV bonded towel rail. This is optional and is attached to the outside of the glass shower enclosure. At Sealskin everything revolves around your experience of your bathroom. With the many options of gallery 3000 you can shower in your style.

“If you listen to your customers, you come to new insights,” says marketing manager Dirk Kuijpers of Coram Benelux. “There was a clear need for a model range in which consumers are given maximum scope to add a personal touch. The shower walls of gallery 3000 can be perfectly matched to your own bathroom taste and atmosphere. Choose a visible or invisible wall profile, set the desired height, and choose the colour and type of glass. With so many decisive details, the new gallery 3000 offers a lot of individual space. And more!

Variety in glass
The gallery 3000 shower enclosures are made of 6 mm safety glass and are available in 5 variants: transparent, satin, semi- satin, grey and the new, special Nebula. In this unique and innovative Nebula glass version, the middle section of the shower partition has been machined, giving it an opaque, milky appearance. The milky glass subtly flows into clear glass at the top and bottom of the shower partition. All these glass variants can be optionally refined – i.e. protected – with Protect and the new ProCare. ProCare ensures that water runs off the surface and lime and dirt have little chance of adhering. This makes it considerably easier to keep the shower enclosure clean.

Variation in glass height and handles
The shower enclosures in the Sealskin gallery 3000 series are standard 2000 mm high. Customisation is also possible, whereby the shower partition can be extended to 2100 mm. A fine choice if you are tall or if the space demands it aesthetically. Creating the right bathroom atmosphere and experience is always in the details. The shape of the handle is such a detail. That is why Sealskin offers a choice of three very different models. The metal parts of these three handles are optionally available in matt silver, chrome/aluminium (gloss) and black.

UV bonded towel rail
You can expect a shower partition to be easy to clean. Details are decisive here! For example, the hinges of the gallery 3000 are glued to the outside of the glass using a unique UV technology. As a result, the inside remains perfectly smooth and thus easy to keep clean. The practical towel holder, which can be optionally installed on the outside of the shower enclosure, is also attached using this unique UV bonding technique. So your towel is always within reach.

Three assembly variants
Shower enclosures must be fixed to the wall. The gallery 3000 offers three installation options: installation with a visible wall profile – in matt silver, chrome/silver high-gloss and black – installation with a minimum wall connection and installation with a concealed wall profile. With the latter model, the wall profile is almost invisible after finishing off the tiles, for example. Only a subtle aluminium frame reminds you of the secure attachment of this fully transparent glass wall. Whichever variant you choose, each version is available as a swing door, with or without a fixed side panel, and as a quarter-circle version.