New Soho® shower solutions and design variant

Zaltbommel, October 2020 – Sealskin’s beloved Soho® shower walls and doors are inspired by the interiors and buildings in the SoHo district of Manhattan, New York. In 2017, Sealskin was the first in the market to introduce a shower series stemming from this ‘Industrial Style’. This original Soho® series of industrial showers – with matte black frames – has been extremely popular ever since. The austere, raw look of the shower walls and doors is beautifully combined with very pleasant ease of use and carefree maintenance. The series also meets very high quality standards. Because of its undeniable popularity, Sealskin is further expanding the Soho® collection. This allows the beloved ‘Instrustrial Style’ to be used in almost all bathroom designs. Unique are the new Soho® shower sliding doors, provided with the same attractive, matte black frames. In addition, Soho® shower enclosures will be available in even more sizes from September 2020 and a new industrial design variant has been added.

Dirk Kuijpers, Marketing Manager Coram Benelux: “The Industrial Style is still undeniably popular. Black, steel interior doors seem to adorn every home. Whether it is about an authentic, industrial look or just a design statement in a modern home: with the Soho® showers of Sealskin this trend can also be implemented in the bathroom. In terms of design as well as ease of use and maintenance, the new industrial Soho® shower solutions are a perfect match for consumers’ wishes.”

Unique industrial sliding doors
For bathrooms with limited space or for those looking for the real authentic industrial look, Sealskin now launches unique Soho® sliding doors for the shower. This makes it possible to create a spacious shower, without having to take the space of a sliding door into account. What is special is that this sliding door does not only have to be installed in a niche or in combination with a side wall. The sliding door can also be combined with two side walls to create a striking and exclusive U-shape.

The sliding doors have the same distinctive design as the other products in the Soho® range and are equipped with a concealed soft-open-close system. This system slows down the movement of the door. When closing, the door stops for a moment for the last few centimetres and then closes automatically, slowly and softly. This is very convenient and also safe for (children’s) hands!

New Soho® shower enclosure sizes
The popular Soho® showers are already available as a swing door, integrated in a niche or in combination with a side panel, and as a shower enclosure for the walk-in shower. Sealskin is now also introducing shorter side walls, allowing a Soho® shower cabin to be installed in even a compact bathroom. The range is also being expanded with new, short walls for the walk-in shower. By combining these with a longer shower enclosure, it is possible to play with the arrangement and create a particularly spacious, open shower enclosure.

New industrial design variant walk-in shower
The current Soho® walk-in shower, 120 cm wide, is very popular. This shower enclosure gives a walk-in shower an open character and the wall length of 120 cm keeps the shower water inside the shower area. This walk-in shower has 8 matte black, rectangular frames. From September 2020, this 120 cm shower enclosure will also be available in a new, sophisticated design variant featuring only horizontal surfaces.

Carefree maintenance
Soho® showers are a tasteful, striking appearance and equipped with all the conveniences you would expect from a modern shower. Handy details make the Soho® showers carefree in maintenance. For instance, the matte black frames are only applied on the outside. The 8 mm thick safety glass thus remains completely flat on the inside and is therefore easy to clean and dry. The glass also has a ‘Sealglas’ anti-scaling coating, so that it stays fresh and clear for longer. The new Soho® sliding doors are also provided with a handy ‘easy-clean system’. This system allows the sliding door to be disconnected at the bottom, making all parts of the sliding door easily accessible for cleaning.

Sealskin’s secret lies in the well thought-out details of its bathroom products: smart design, pleasant ease of use, carefree maintenance and simple installation. By listening carefully to customers and bathroom professionals, Sealskin was able to perfectly incorporate these details into the original Soho® Industrial Style designer showers. Soho® is officially registered as a brand series and available at the better sanitary specialist shops.