Marcel Lebon and Jan-Renier Swinkels members of the Supervisory Board of Coram International

Marcel Lebon

Geldrop, 1 March 2018
As of 1 February, Marcel Lebon (56 years) and Jan-Renier Swinkels (55 years) joined the Supervisory Board of Coram International. Marcel Lebon becomes chairman and succeeds Dick Boers.

Career and additional positions
Marcel Lebon combines his new position with a membership of the Supervisory Board of Danone Baby and Medical Nutrition Netherlands. He is also member of the Supervisory Council and head of the audit committee of Greenpeace Netherlands. Marcel made international career at Unilever, Pepsi and Tai Ping. Marcel has specific expertises in the fields of strategy, finance and human resources.

Jan-Renier Swinkels, since 2007 Chairman of the Board of the family business Bavaria N.V. in Lieshout, is also member of the Supervisory Board of Broekhuis Holding and member of the Supervisory Board of Bracamonte Daily Foods B.V. Jan-Renier has specific expertises in the fields of governance within family businesses. He is also experienced in managing a company in the areas of production, logistics and supply chain.

Jan-Renier Swinkels

Composition of the Supervisory Board
With the appointments of Marcel Lebon and Jan-Renier Swinkels the Supervisory Board of Coram International, further consisting of Dick Boers and Kitty Koelemeijer, has expanded from three to four Supervisory directors.

The Coram Group
Coram International in Geldrop, is a family business owned by the Van Kempen family and it is the parent company of a number of well-known international brands in bathroom design, including Geesa, Sealskin and Tiger. Coram International is also active in the injection moulding industry. The group had an annual turnover of approximately 120 million euros in 2016 and about 625 employees work at the Coram group. Coram International has a total of 13 subsidiaries, spread over 6 Western European countries.

Geesa operates from Amersfoort in the international retail specialist market and in the hospitality segment (hotels and cruise ships). Sealskin sells its products from Waalwijk in both the retail specialist and DIY (DIY) segments, where Tiger primarily operates from Geldrop in the DIY segment. In the United Kingdom, Coram has a strong position in the care market with Impey Showers.

The DPI subsidiary is active in the injection molding industry. From the factories in Geldrop and Helmond, DPI has a large development capacity and expertise in the field of spraying techniques and assembly. The company produces among others the Yeppe bicycle seat for the Thule group, the Bouncer for Stokke, and the Maxi-Cosi car seat for Dorel.