Coram sees increasing demand for the more elaborate Sealskin Connect screens

Zaltbommel, November 2020 – In the spring, sanitary brand Sealskin introduced a durable and stylish series of splash screens. Now that it is clear that the threat will be with us for some time to come, the company has noticed a growing demand for this durable protection. Whereas earlier this year people still opted for a short-term solution, entrepreneurs are now more often opting for a solid solution. From the first wave it was learned that customisation is needed. Sealskin has now specifically geared its production to this and has also further expanded the collection with practical clamp screens, for easy relocation. With the extensive Sealskin Connect series, a suitable, long-lasting screen solution is offered for the counter, for the office, for consultation situations and the hospitality industry.

The knowledge within the company in the field of shower screens, hygiene, quality and ease of assembly is used to make professional and high quality splash screens. This allows people to continue to meet and keep the coronavirus at bay. “In the spring, many entrepreneurs improvised to protect customers and employees. Now that it appears that Covid-19 will be with us for some time to come, a durable, stylish solution is more and more often chosen, “says Marketing Manager Dirk Kuijpers of Coram Benelux.

Now also clamp screens and customisation possible
Coram used the experience and knowledge from the first wave to optimise the Sealskin Connect range. Dirk Kuijpers: “In the spring, a good product was needed quickly to offer protection to customers and employees. We soon realised that customisation is often required. We have now geared our production to this. We also found that there was a need for a screen that was easy to fix with a clamp, so that it could just as easily be moved again. We now offer different variants of these clamp screens.”

Durable materials and easy to clean
All Sealskin Connect screens are made of the same non-flammable materials and have the same high level of finishing as the proven Sealskin shower screens. The 6 MM transparent safety glass is enclosed in an aluminium frame. This ensures durable quality and the screens offer maximum hygiene and protection. An additional practical advantage is the screens’ ease of cleaning. Moreover, the material is considerably less prone to scratching than alternative plastic solutions. With Sealskin Connect, Coram offers an extremely stylish solution for the long term.